Emma's Attic: Knit Now Capsule Collection

I was extremely excited when Kate, the editor of Knit Now magazine asked me to design a capsule collection for one of the Summer 2016 issues. After doing my research into the season and finding the 'Grannies Attic' trend lead by the amazing Gucci collections, I knew this would suit my design style 'To A Tee'.  When beginning a new collection I like to start in one of my favourite places, good old Pinterest...


Once I've gathered all my inspiration, I usually start to get my idea's down on paper, of course things can change slightly from the sketches. This can be as simple, as the yarn I want to use doesn't have the shade I wanted or what will work best in photography. The style of a piece can also change, sometimes what works on paper doesn't always work with your knitting- frustrating but sometimes it's how it has to be!

My favourite stage of designing a collection is deciding on the yarns and shades for each design, sometimes I design a piece with a yarn already in mind. I was so lucky to get my hands on the amazing Erika Knight Gossypium cotton before it's release, I had the lightbulb moment that became the Astwood Tee, the second I held a ball of this yarn in my hands! It has a beautiful handle, comfortable to wear- especially in the summer months plus the shades are perfect! A boxy little tee like this is a perfect summer go-to, I'd suggest going up a size if you like a real boxy and oversized fit.

Elstow Shawl using Yarn Stories Fine Merino 4ply

Elstow Shawl using Yarn Stories Fine Merino 4ply

For the Elstow shawl, which is a great shawl beginners pattern! I chose Yarn Stories Fine Merino 4ply. I find 4ply yarns difficult, either the handle isn't right, the colour selection isn't to my taste or the yarn doesn't have that beautiful luxurious feel, maybe i'm picky but this Yarn Stories Fine Merino has it spot on! All the perfect qualities in a yarn which make the perfect shawl. As I already mentioned because of it's simplistic approach, anyone who loves the idea of shawl knitting but is put off because it looks to complex, this really is the pattern for you! If you're not a tassel kinda gal you can omit them or even make them longer if you are!

The first thing Kate said to me when I sent over this design idea was that she has the perfect Mary-Jane Shoes to go with them, She wasn't wrong! I adore the bubblegum shade from the WYSpinners Signature 4ply collection, which I think adds a real modern and unique edge to what is technically a classic pair of cable and rib frilled socks.

So far I've shared with you four of the seven projects featured within the collection, please go over the my designer ravelry page to view the rest of the collection and see things in more detail! I think the Kempston Cardigan has to be my favourite piece from this collection, I'm a sucker for the colour work! What's your favourite piece?

Please don't forget to tag any project pictures you take on Instagram and Twitter with #emmaknitted or link your project on ravelry, I love to see your project pictures!