Thank you 2016!

Goal Journal   Kikki-K  |  Crochet Hooks   Clover Amour  |  Cashmere Lace   Y  arntelier

Goal Journal Kikki-K | Crochet Hooks Clover Amour | Cashmere Lace Yarntelier

Before we say hello to 2017, I would like to make a list of things I'm proud of and my achievements from the year we are leaving (In this case 2016). I think we can spend so much time reaching to achieve great things, which don't get me wrong is certainly healthy, we forget to take the time to give ourselves a little pat on the back and reflect on the amazing things we've already achieved.

Most of us will be re-visiting a resolution we intended to start last year, I hear you healthy eating, exercise and organised receipts folder!... but what about those resolution and goals we followed to the end!

So here goes, my top 10. In 2016 I have...

  1. Overcome my shyness and booked more workshops into my schedule for 2017.
  2. Worked with many brand new clients.
  3. Worked with a high-street retailer.
  4. Finally published my sheep-bag design (originally from my graduate collection) with Erika Knight, find the free pattern here.
  5. Made a start at releasing more independent patterns.
  6. Had a design published in Vogue Knitting (ek!!!)
  7. Filmed learn to knit videos with Designer Yarns (Possibly the most frightening day of my life!)
  8. Finally saved enough money to buy myself a new laptop!
  9. Gave up cheese and bread :( - This went out of the window but will be back on track starting Monday morning.
  10. Survived another freelance year STILL with a full diary of exciting projects in 2017!!!

I feel very lucky to have concurred fears, completed challenges and fulfilled new projects in 2016, I can't wait for what's around the corner in 2017 and back in the studio on Tuesday. What have you achieved in 2016, I'd love to hear from you!? (Please comment below :) )