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Instagram Image #emmaknitted

Instagram Image #emmaknitted

I was glad to sit down at the end of a busy week and write in my new 2016 diary, planning ahead is essential when you have so many dates and deadlines to remember.  After completing two magazine deadlines this week and pattern writing for a new collection I have coming up it was good to have a project to knit this weekend. As usual I am unable to share any knitting update pictures but I can talk a little about the yarn I am using.

2016 notebook - Treating myself to yet another planner, I think I have a serious addiction to stationary! This was a lovely little diary from paper chase which I will defiantly be sharing more pictures of on my Twitter page and Instagram over the next week. Something I really liked about this particular planner, along with the wonderful colours and motivational quote cover, was the organise-it-yourself stickers and tabs for the page dividers. I often find I don't use the agenda or addresses tabs in my planner.

Erika Knight British Blue - If your already a follower of mine from my previous website you will know I have a special love for the Erika knight British wool collection, not only did I use it for my graduate collection but I use this yarn to submit designs to magazines too! Of course working with Erika is amazing and we have some exciting projects coming up, which I can not wait to share with you all online pretty soon.

Yarndale - Has to be one of my favourite yarn fiber festivals, its in Yorkshire and its full of wool, what's not to love? Yarndale is actually starting today but I will be visiting tomorrow and can't wait to see all the wonderful stands and craft people, I will defiantly keeping my eyes peeled for any of the west yorkshire spinners stockist with the new Illustrious pattern book. I am also looking forward to visiting Inside Crochet, Eden cottage yarns, Toft Alpaca and Cool Crafting who are just a small number of the amazing stands exhibiting at the show. I have promised myself that I WON'T spend too much this year... I always break that promise!


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