Say hello to Braaad Pitt!

The campaign for wool have released a very cute collection of short video's for wool week 2015 beginning with... Say hello to Braaad Pitt! A cute and funny little video watching two lamb siblings VS each other to become the next film heartthrob, battling with the anti-flammable properties in their wool. "Wool provides SUPER protection with its inherent fiber structure making wool naturally flame resistant – it’s what 'superheroes are really made of’"- Campaign for wool. The video also features a voice over from Chris Cohen.

The series of short videos will air over wool week (5- 11 October 2015) to promote the wonders of Wool and all it has to offer.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 10 15 48.png

To find all further information and to watch the video head over to the campaign for wool here.

Remember also to keep your eyes peeled for the other 2 cute little video's in the series. How will you be celebrating wool week this year?

Emma WrightComment